Robert G. Stanton

Honorary Doctor of Sciences Degree

Robert G. Stanton is a Senior Advisor to the Secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior and the former Director of the National Park Service.  He advises the Secretary on environmental, educational, organizational and management challenges and opportunities, working closely with the bureaus and offices in advancing departmental goals.  Mr. Stanton represents the Secretary and the Department on Presidential Interagency Policy Review committees, boards and commissions.  He also provides executive leadership and program direction for the Interior Museum at the Stewart Lee Udall Department of the Interior Building and the congressionally authorized Indian Arts and Crafts Board.  Prior to assuming this position in 2010, Mr. Stanton served as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy and Program Management in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Policy, Management and Budget.  Since beginning his career as a National Park Service ranger in 1962 at Grand Teton National Park, Mr. Stanton has dedicated his life to improving the conservation and management of treasured landscapes and heritage resources.  He has served with the National Park Service in key management positions including Park Superintendent, Deputy Regional Director, Regional Director, Assistant Director and Associate Director.  He has received numerous national awards for outstanding public service and leadership in conservation, historic preservation, youth programs and diversity in employment and public programs.  Under his leadership, the National Park Service budget increased by 28 percent and major park preservation and visitor service programs were inaugurated.  Several presidential and legislative initiatives were enacted in his tenure, including the authorization of 11 new park areas, six national heritage areas, study of 22 possible new areas and the Underground Railroad Network to Freedom.  Since 2001, he has served as an executive professor at Texas A&M University, a visiting professor Howard and Yale Universities, board member, and consultant to a number of national conservation organizations.  Mr. Stanton earned a B.S. degree from Huston-Tillotson University and did his graduate work at Boston University.