W. Duke Kimbrell is Chairman of the Board for Parkdale Mills, the world’s largest independent cotton yarn manufacturer. Mr. Kimbrell has repeatedly been recognized for his service to the textiles industry and has been on Textile World’s top ten list of executives for service to the industry seven out of twelve times. When he became CEO in 1961, Parkdale Mills had 200 employees and $11 million in sales. In 1999, Parkdale had 3,600 employees and $934 million in sales. Mr. Kimbrell is also an active member of the American Textile Manufacturers Institute, serving on the board of directors and chairing the Cotton Committee. Among his many awards and accolades, he has received Textile World’s Lifetime Achievement Award, The Watauga Medal and has been named Textile World’s Leader of the Year. Mr. Kimbrell received his undergraduate degree in Textiles from NC State.