J. Stuart Hunter

Dr. J. Stuart Hunter is one of the world’s foremost statisticians and a devoted supporter of NC State, from which he has already received three degrees: an Electrical Engineering degree in 1947, a master of science in Engineering Mathematics in 1949 and a doctorate in Experimental Statistics in 1954. He became a pioneer in industrial experimental design and is the co-author of the classic statistics textbook, Statistics for Experimenters. He devoted his professional life to the industrial applications of statistics, publishing papers, editing journals and conducting seminars. From 1961 until he retired in 1986, Dr. Hunter was a popular instructor at Princeton University and is now Professor Emeritus in the School of Engineering and Applied Science. A leader in his field for more than four decades, Dr. Hunter has been a consultant to many industries and government agencies. He has published extensively and was the founding editor of the journal Technometrics. He has been a staff member of the National Academy of Science and was the statistician in residence at the University of Wisconsin. In 2004, Dr. Hunter was named a Distinguished Alumnus for the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.