David Christian

Big History Institute Director and Distinguished Professor in History, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

David Christian directs Macquarie University’s Big History Institute, which manages teaching and research to tell the story of the universe from the Big Bang to complex modern societies. After training as a historian of Russia and the Soviet Union, he began teaching big history courses in 1989, drawing on multiple disciplines. He led development of Macquarie University’s specialization in big history and a related massive open online course or MOOC. He was founding president of the International Big History Association and co-founder with Bill Gates of the Big History Project, which created a free online high school syllabus now being used by more than a thousand high schools, mostly in the U.S. and Australia. Christian has written books on Russian and inner Eurasian history, as well as authoring the first college-level textbook on big history. He holds a Ph.D. from Oxford.